View Full Version : Laura vanishes

5th Sep 2006, 16:18
Strange when i 1started playing this game with my old 6200 card i could play for hours but now i have a 6600 card Lara vanishes after about 20 mins of play

Strange HUH

Lord Of Games
5th Sep 2006, 18:43
Yeh, cool, very good find! ;)

5th Sep 2006, 19:54
Expecially strange that Laura disappeared and wasn't replaced by Lara. :rolleyes:

5th Sep 2006, 23:37
Who the hell is Laura? :scratch: :p

5th Sep 2006, 23:46
l have a 6600GT card and "Lara" never vanishes on me, perhaps you have a cheap imitation Tomb Raider, never heard of Laura

7th Sep 2006, 11:58
OOOPPPPS sorrrry meant Lara....

changed it in the forum and yes i do have a legal copy of this game!!!

7th Sep 2006, 15:01
Did you try updating the drivers for your graphics card? And did you install both patches for the game

7th Sep 2006, 17:41
I have drivers which came on the CD but the Nvidia card is new so i would assume that the drivers on the CD are the latest.

Where do i get the Tombraider patch from ??