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5th Sep 2006, 09:59


23rd Oct 2006, 13:15
Thanks for that!

24th Oct 2006, 13:24
No problem. If I hear anything else I will post it here.

24th Oct 2006, 19:26
Thanks Chip. A nice update to the site.


24th Oct 2006, 19:27
yeah. They went all out on it. I just wish it had a demo *hint*hint* :D

24th Oct 2006, 19:48
So basically, you can control multiple units at once as in a Strategy game or als obe able to switch to a plane/ ship etc. and be able to control that craft, awsome :)

24th Oct 2006, 20:48
you got it. If anyone ever owned an Amiga it sounds abit like Air Support.

25th Oct 2006, 09:32
Never played Air Support but to me it sounds much like Kingdom under Fire: The Crusaders on xbox.

I have one question though, in multiplayer how does the command system work?

If me and my friend are both giving orders to the same vessel, who's orders will it follow? Or does every body have it's own fleet?

All help,tips and such are much apriciated:)

25th Oct 2006, 13:27
I would think each have thier own fleets. We need to get the devs in here for a little Q&A.

13th Nov 2006, 03:30
I would think each have thier own fleets. We need to get the devs in here for a little Q&A.

ya, i think each player gets their one fleet, but i have heard a lot of conflicting info on that subject in what i have read on the internet,
here are some of the things i have read and the link to where i found them

"For example, some [players] may control airfields to facilitate the launch of fighter and bomber missions, while some may control shipyards that will give units to other players. Still others will control units directly in fights."
-from http://uk.videogames.games.yahoo.com/xbox/previews/battlestations--midway-f32772.html

another said "Battlestations allows two teams of four to go head to head with each player controlling a unit. One player can also choose to take over as a commander and play in the strategy view, assigning other players to specific targets."
-from http://www.gamingexcellence.com/xbox360/games/693/preview.shtml

and on the official page it says "Huge multi-unit online battles with up to 8 players controlling over 100 units via Xbox Live and Gamespy"
-from http://www.battlestations.net/game-info/

so as you can see they say different things, one says each player controls a unit while another says that the 8 players split 100 units

P.S. chip is right the developers need to answer some of our questions

13th Nov 2006, 05:39
I am thinking that the differences you re seeing maybe because some are talking about the PC version and others the 360. It looks like some of the writeups are also from the canceled versions for the PS2 and X-Box (original).

14th Nov 2006, 00:11
i don't think there will be that much difference between the two, it is more likely that some articles are old and haven't been updated

15th Nov 2006, 15:28
True. Alot of games go through changes through production. Take the game Fable for example.

15th Nov 2006, 23:15
and this game has been in production for so long, who knows how much could have changed between when they started it and now

23rd Nov 2006, 07:46
I think its awesome that vehicles have multiple positions like bf 1942. I wonder how you can play a gunner in an aircraft without being in first person though. Would be kinda hard in third person I would think.

23rd Nov 2006, 22:37
there will be first person view

24th Nov 2006, 12:34
Originally Posted by chip5541 View Post
In the old tech demo it showed a cockpit view however every trailer I have seen since does not show that. Has that been dropped or it just hasn't been shown?

You are able to go into first person view in some vehicles - planes mainly, but there's no visible cockpit as such.

:rasp: :rasp:

BTW. Anyone else think it would be cool to go into a first person view on the bridge of a battleship or carrier?

24th Nov 2006, 17:25
Yep, count me in. This was what was so cool about Destroyer Command - being on the bridge of the destroyer.


24th Nov 2006, 18:20
ya, i would like to be able to do that