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4th Sep 2006, 22:00
hi all..well..i consider myself the enemy of legend..may be coz i found that most of u consider it as the best tombraider game and i do not find anything to make it the best..and i talked a lot about this...but...i just want to say something...to be honest..there is something i found it in legend and did not find it in any other TR game..secrets or rewards...i never cared about secrets in any TR games before...may be coz the games were long...may be coz sometimes the system of secrets does not help u...like in TR4 there is 70 secrets in all levels..so if u miss one..u will not discover it except after u finish the game..but..in legend it is different...they made it easier to save ur progress while searching for secrets..and the pleasure that the secrets unlock different things...things that u can see and wear and try....i played the game..and did not care about secrets.but later..when i decided to do..it was a lot of fun...i am still missing about 4 secrets...3 gold and one silver...but i am enjoying this so so much...so..just wanted to say the good side i feel towards legend as i talked about bad sides before

5th Sep 2006, 06:44
<line noise>
Yeah, yeah, whatever... :confused:

Dude, have you considered using those things called "line breaks" once in a while? You know, those things that turn those huge unreadable run-on word clusters into something readable? :nut:

5th Sep 2006, 07:59
next time i will use them

hope u feel better

6th Sep 2006, 09:57
next time i will use them

hope u feel better
My, aren't we clever...

It's also not to late to saveedit your first post, you know... that might even give you other responses than mine, when people can read what you wanted to say for the first time...

6th Sep 2006, 10:35
I thought the mods had a button entitled 'destroy dead - end post with the sheep - plague," button. :D

6th Sep 2006, 12:27
Gamerking, your signature is too big ( http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=184 ), Leak, be a little nicer in your critiques please, and without_limits_mystery....well, I am glad you like the secrets having a reward system.

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