View Full Version : Stuck : Bolivia Redux : PSP

4th Sep 2006, 17:16
Playing TRL on PSP
despite reading how easy this boss is I'm stuck. I have limited health packs and the monster seems to be able to pick me off with two strikes.

the stone slabs don't provide protection to me but do protect the monster even when I drop the beast, run up and hit the interact button Laura just stands there and the thing flys off again. death comes soon after.

I resorted to trying to complete england in time trial so I can unlock the bullet proof cheat. not even sure if this will work?

any suggestions / help greatly appreciated. This is my least favorite game play in TR but I would like the satisfaction of finishing.

4th Sep 2006, 17:41
Okay none of the cheats will work AFTER you beat the whole game so don't bother using that.

And yeah when you got the "monster" down, you don't press the triangle button - you press the SQUARE button because TRIANGLE is used for interacting stuffs in PS2 but on the PSP it's SQUARE (it should point that out clearly right?? )
But yeah good luck anyway 'cause the PSP version on that level is one of the worse things...