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3rd Sep 2006, 14:06
hello ! I instaled the game but when i'm playing it..it crashes..the computer refreshes..i don't know why..can someone help me? ;)

3rd Sep 2006, 14:30
Have you installed patches? If not you can downlod them HERE (http://www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/support/search.html?gmid=173) :)

3rd Sep 2006, 15:07
thanks !! but which patch should i download? and what to do with it next? :D

3rd Sep 2006, 15:59
There are many possibilities of such behavior... wrong forum I guess so... contact with technical support... (hardware problems? check hardware recommendations, install all required software like DirectX and all available patches)...

3rd Sep 2006, 16:11
thanks !! but which patch should i download?

Download first patch (v1.1) then install it, then download second (v1.2) and install it too.

, and what to do with it next? :D

Just open zip file and click on patch. ;)

3rd Sep 2006, 16:30
oh ok..and then when i install both what do i do? thanks for averything ;)

3rd Sep 2006, 16:34
Try to run TRL, and hope it works. :)

3rd Sep 2006, 17:15
THANKS ! let me try....i'll tell you something:thumbsup:

3rd Sep 2006, 17:20
I instaled both patches but now when i start the game it askes me for the cd!! :mad:

3rd Sep 2006, 18:15
You DO have the DVD, don't you? That could explain a few things. The Tomb Raider Legend DVD is required to be in the drive when you play Legend (unless you have "acquired" Legend through some other means). Maybe you have a defective DVD, or a defective DVD-ROM drive.

4th Sep 2006, 09:39
Yup, that might be the problem, what Ruum Taedor said. Mine TRL copy is DVD too.

4th Sep 2006, 10:04
..and one last thing, run this (http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/eidos?registration_option_id=2696) and see if you meet all system requirements.