View Full Version : BO2 Conversation Between Hylden Lord and Kain.

1st Sep 2006, 19:12
I know this is a old question but.... does anyone know the whole conversation that Kain and the Hylden Lord had at the end of BO2 before they fought. it was cut off when the Hylden Lord said that Umah wasn't on his side. i was wondering because the animation on my copy (and probably everyone else's) played ahead of the audio and was cut off because the fight sequence started.. that has been irking me since. i know that this is many years late but...:mad2:

3rd Sep 2006, 14:00
Do you want the text of the dialogue or the movie? I can't help you with the movie, but the text is on the Dark Chronicle (www.dark-chronicle.co.uk)?

3rd Sep 2006, 18:27
After the Sarafan Lord says he has no spy called Umah, Kain says, "You lie!" and they start to fight. The full transcript of the game can be found at the site Binky24 posted :) This is a common error, although it doesn't happen all of the time on PC (I don't know about the other versions).

27th Sep 2006, 04:09
The gist of it is Kain says that the Lord's spy (who Kain thinks is Umah) failed.
The Hylden lord then says he doesn't have a spy called Umah.
Kain is angry because if its true he killed someone he maybe loved for no reason.

Irmok the Mad
2nd Oct 2006, 15:53
The Sarafan Lord:
Did it not occur to you that perhaps my cause, and not yours, is the cause of right and justice? That your ambition to rule this world is but the youthful craving of a petty noble, who has gained too much power, but never enough?

Silence, demon.
Your need to corrupt is only too apparent. But every traitor that you have turned to your will from my side, even Umah, your latest spy, is dead.

The Sarafan Lord:
Umah? I have no spy called Umah.

You lie!

Kain and the Sarafan Lord fight. The Sarafan Lord shoots projectiles from the Soul Reaver.