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31st Aug 2006, 09:43
I'd say that I'm becoming a little annoyed of being unable to defeat the dragon,


- the keyboard is an impediment in applying good moving and dodging tactics
- the camera at a certain point becomes disorienting, thence fatal
- dragon energy attacks sometimes pass through pillars, so that there's no time - in the final stage of the fight - to use the pillars to temporarily regain awareness from camera drunkenness
- every time I start the fourth (final) series of attacks, these become deadlier at the same time that the camera becomes disorienting ... and fatal
- Lara is fast as a snail, so a lot of times the dragon has time to recover from knockouts

is there any other PC user that managed this gaming nightmare? (sadly I trustfully started this level on hard difficulty :mad2: :) )

31st Aug 2006, 10:02
ok, I managed it

lower resolution
smoother movement
faster response
beast roasted

31st Aug 2006, 11:03
Yes, and on the Hard Level. The camera angle did confuse Lara at times. Lara did enjoy beating him over the head with the baskets. :D

31st Aug 2006, 11:19
I guess it is not such difficult level except in Time Trial mode. In normal mode You must prepere Lara to fight with dragon ;) before the second checkpoint, try this:
- at first checkpoint make some steps forward but not to too much... and using excalibur shoot everything from left to right... until everything become quite ;)
- recover health and then start running around and pick up health packs... before second checkpoint You need to heve 3 health packs and close to full health of Lara... left one soldier until You get what You need and recover everything... when You get all kill the soldier...next intro begin...
- save the game when the second checkpoint begin...
- at the second checkpoint go to the middle and using mouse still aim the dragon and shoot to him... when You shoot him several times the dragon fall down, then run to him quicly and use interactive button... after about 3 fall down of dragon You kill him...

When You will be in the middle the dragon will be flying aroud You and hidding behind the stones... when You kill the dragon nice scene with pistols begin ;)... and inscriptions at the end...

31st Aug 2006, 13:50
I guess it is not such difficult level except in Time Trial mode. ...............

I'd like to know how to kill the beast in less than the requested 4'12" to unlock secrets

31st Aug 2006, 13:59
Time Trials is hard but I guess this is good direction to start Time Trials from the in order to unlock cheat code... I have completed game in 94% but no time trials ... :((((((((((( I am not a robot ;) but maybe good issue is to try save time at the first checkpoint and kill all quick.... ;))))))))

31st Aug 2006, 21:48
Hehe try the PSP version in that level - it's even worse -_- - it's the level I don't play often...