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30th Aug 2006, 18:01
Napoleonic Total War 2 is coming out tommorow (august 31st) in case anyone is interested.


30th Aug 2006, 18:26
Of course we're interested!!!!!Im waiting eagerly for months.This could be my last night playing IG.....Then again NTW1 was very unimpressive in my opinion (but NTW2 looks sooooo much better)
Im not pleased at the way its being released in bits and pieces and even less so that they say the custom battle generator wont really work properly.But realistically its got to be a beauty.Histwar-Les Grognards looks much weaker and its still months away.I suppose we'll all know this time tommorow hopefully if Imperial Glory is history or not.With the lack of support it got in the end it would be hard to feel sorry for them but its still a good game when modded a bit.Wonder if I'll still be a fan tommorow night though ?!RTW is far more moddable...

31st Aug 2006, 22:11
Well NTW2 is definitely good -but blow IG out of the water...ummm...well Im not so sure....!Just for starters you cant have musket armed cavalry like in IG -thats a let down....sounds arent as good as the modded ones (The Patriot) from this game either...Im gonna play NTW2 a lot for a while but I wouldnt be surprised if I 'came back to IG'!
Thankfully you can disable the whole morale(fleeing in panic) thing-its just not realistic for Napoleonic combat-(VERY rare in reality)
Up close the troops probably look 25-35% better but on balance its a very close call right now....(as you can tell Im not head over heels in love!)

6th Sep 2006, 04:11
Well I work on the Lordz modding team so I'll spare you my opinions as they would be biased ;) I totally understand what you mean though. And there is a really good explanation for why it is like that. Its becuase NTW2 is a mod and not a full game. I love Imperial Glory, and I still do even though I have a very completed version of NTW2 (with brits etc). The two just dont compare, because NTW2 is what it was meant to be - a mod. We as a team just dont have the same resources a game studio does, we dont have the freedom over the engine. However perhaps that will change, as we do plan to make our own game one day.

17th Sep 2006, 04:46
For some reason that mod totaly fails to work for me it just starts the normal TW when i click on the icon :S

17th Sep 2006, 08:16
I would guess you have the mod installed in the default location which is an Activision address.You need to send it (unpack it)to the The Creative Assembly folder.
I think this is especially an issue for Gold Edition owners.

17th Sep 2006, 11:39
Hey thanks it works fine now! I never theough of the path I do have Gold Ed. Pretty decent mod even tho it is very buggy. I think it is only an alpha tho.

18th Sep 2006, 17:40
I thought that might be your trouble.it took me hours to work it out.By the way the latest Waterloo/British pack is out now(already!)
The rocket sound is very Imperial Glory like.Hope they havent swiped it!
I think I can say without sitting on the fence that I still prefer IG but its a nice mod regardless.Splash screens for NTW2 are achingly gorgeous.....

8th Oct 2006, 02:24
That was awful. Not only did it look and sound terrible the bullets are all invisible making it extremly unrealstic. Huge dissapointmemnt

8th Oct 2006, 10:03
Yeah Im more or less 100% back to IG from NTW2 also.It got very buggy after the British addon.Freezes with rebooting pc the only solution...

White Pine
27th Nov 2006, 10:21
Napoleonic Total War 2 is coming out tommorow (august 31st) in case anyone is interested.


What is this smut?! I've owned RTW pratically since its release, and they finally put out (and now stopped) NII:TW, version 1, 2 then 3? Well it is done (for now) because they are converting (much like Pike and Musket, now there's one to download ;) ) all the hard work to MII:TW. More waiting, I guess... :lol:

Chivalry: Total War honestly is a good one, if your computer isn't quite new enough to handle Medieval II. I meet the minimum requirements but not the recommended.

I guess IG is my one and only Napoleon sim. :o

Stanislav II
24th Jan 2007, 15:16
NII TW is only battles anyway. Still no campaign map :mad2: I would give it a try, but the lordz seems to focus more on MP than SP. NTW 1 has a .7 out. Brand spanking new, only about a month old.

And besides, in the screen shots for NII TW, it seems he borrowed most unit models from IG anyway. So basically your playing a mod of IG for the IG era.

25th Jan 2007, 00:24
I don't care for it. I like Rome Total War just the way it is.