View Full Version : Blood Money documentation

30th Aug 2006, 15:11
Could someone please let my know what documentation comes with the Blood Money HItman game? I purchased mine from "direct2drive.com". The only documentation that came with the game was a readme file covering installation issues. Past games I have purchased thru them have always included a pdf file type manuel. The kind of manuel included in all games (not a guide or walkthru) but one that explains various aspects of the game.

Diredt2drive customer support tells me Eidos did not include one and if I could somehow prove one was supposed to be included they would follow-up. The Eidos web site included Blood Money in a list of games for which I could buy a replacement manuel for $7.99.

This game cries out for a brief explaination manuel. Did one come with it? If yes them I will pursue this further, if no I'll plod thru.

30th Aug 2006, 15:48
The dvd version comes with a manual (a printed one, of course) as it should.