View Full Version : What will Happen in TR8????

30th Aug 2006, 01:30
O.K so I just finished Legend 100% everything..............:whistle: now what? I can't wait for the new TR to come out I'm interested as to what is going to happen in the story, I kinda feel like I just got started and now it's over :( what to do, what to do, o well I guess the 2 year wait is on!!! :p

30th Aug 2006, 08:09
Yeah I guess so. Your lucky! I finished Legend ages ago so I have had to wait longer for the next one.:(

Lord Of Games
30th Aug 2006, 08:52
Same here but i still find the levels quite interesting to do, like finding gliches etc you know??? :scratch:

It is still boring though:lol:

30th Aug 2006, 13:57
If Amanda is in the next game, I predict:

Whenever Amanda thinks thing through and it does not lead to Lara-correct action: more screaming and ranting as (im my eyes), Lara is rather ...Lara centric.
If Amanda seizes the fleeting chance when Lara is not around, things will turn out catastrophic as Lara tries to snatch it back.

I would like to see an ending where Amanda gets to Avalon ahead of Lara and then *has* to stay there as she saves Lara's bacon (and her mother's) in a last flip-the-bit move.

...hmmmm...maybe I root for Amanda a bit, heh?
I think I am more like her than I would be like Lara.

31st Aug 2006, 01:10
In TR8, Lara gets married and has children only to discover that Nepal really was not that dangerous in comparison. :lol: Lara’s real adventure begins. :rasp:

31st Aug 2006, 05:15
What will Happen in TR8????

What wont happen!?

Sophia Leigh
1st Sep 2006, 01:12
In TR8, Lara gets married and has children only to discover that Nepal really was not that dangerous in comparison. :lol: Lara’s real adventure begins. :rasp:
LOL! so true :lol:

23rd Sep 2006, 05:10
Lara gets married. :) About time! That's a very, very good concept for a sequel.

really fly
23rd Sep 2006, 08:20
I will be upset if lara get married in TR8
I guess there will be another lara in TR8-- the darkness of lara herself , and lara must do her best to beat the fallen angel-- another part of herself.:whistle:

23rd Sep 2006, 13:11
In the final fmv in Avalon, Amanda sacrifices herself to save Lara, which gets kicked out back to this world with her mother but just as she gets her ticket back, she sees the dais picks up Amanda and sends her *up* to the *next level* for those heroic enough for it.

After she's back, in some soulful scene, her mother remarks the resemblance between some past queen and Amanda...

Lara raids again to get Amanda's any possible last message.

23rd Sep 2006, 13:51
gawd...give crystal dynamics a lunch break!

23rd Sep 2006, 13:59
I don't think Amanda will play a major role in the next game. I remember reading a "after the game" interview with Morgan Gray on EGM and he says the Amanda storyline is tied up.

I was wondering what kind of moves Lara will learn for the next game. I'm pretty sure they'll tweak up the pole swinging and combat techniques, but I can't think of much else they should add to Lara. A sprint button is often mentioned, but the way it is, Lara already zooms through the level, so I don't really think it's a needed feature. :scratch: