View Full Version : Help stuck in Bolivia Tomb

30th Aug 2006, 00:00
Please help. I am in a tomb in Bolivia where the floor collapses I got the piece of the sword and am trying to get out. Lara said something about taking the high road. I can get on the top of the stone structure in the center but I can’t get to the sides to get across the big hole. Help :mad2:

30th Aug 2006, 00:12
When you get to the last falling piece of walkway or whatever you want to call it, you must jump to reach the ledge at the foot of the door as soon as possible; use good judgement because it can be a very hard jump to make.
But if you're talking about reaching the left and right sides of the pit, that's not possible. (If I made any sense) :scratch:

30th Aug 2006, 00:27
I need to get back out of the tomb. if that was what you are talking about then i dont understand. Thank you (there is no door)

30th Aug 2006, 00:28
Wait I think I gave the wrong level o_0 Holy crap :lol: Shows how much I remember!

30th Aug 2006, 00:48
Oh wait nevermind I know what you're talking about! DER! You must jump on the column/ledge thing to your right and hopefully it's kinda obvious how you get around from there.

30th Aug 2006, 16:18
From the entrance to the statue you got the sword piece from, look to your right when the cutscene ends. Now jump up and climb the statue and continue around the right of the room. The high road is pretty clear from there. Also keep your eye open for an opening on the left side of the room to get to (you'll see it once your back over were the floor fell) Its up high and you'll need to climb there. Inside is a large rock. Roll it out of there to the pads below... it opens the gold prize.

31st Aug 2006, 12:11
Do not forget about the 4 sphere ;))))))))) which is hidden... when You get the gold reward nice outfit will be waiting for You ;)