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29th Aug 2006, 18:26
Haveing a problem installing the Thief Gold Demo.

Says, "This product cannot be installed on Windows NT due to a microsoft DirectX (tm) limitation."

Is there any possible way to install this? Keep in mind, this is the downloaded demo - there is no cd.

29th Aug 2006, 23:08
Try using the NTFORCE command, but use the Demo install exe for the command line.

See the FAQ if you have questions about the install force command line.

30th Aug 2006, 06:24
TheBlackman is correct. Specifically, the command line switch is -lgntforce where "l" is lower case "L". Details are explained somewhat in this thread and others, as well as the FAQ.


Please post back and let us know if it helped.

11th Oct 2008, 07:59
Hi Taffers,

I am having problems installing thief gold demo because I am receiving error:

"This product cannot be installed on Windows NT due to a microsoft DirectX (tm) limitation."

I have no idea what "Specifically, the command line switch is -lgntforce where "l" is lower case "L". " means in the previous post.

Could anyone give me a simpler explanation of what I should do?

11th Oct 2008, 09:08
If you are running on Windows XP:

Go to Start on the taskbar, click on Run, and copy and paste the following line, or type it in exactly:

D:\setup -lgntforce

Then click OK.

The letter below in bold is a lower-case "L".

11th Oct 2008, 09:35
Thanks jtr7,

I did what you said and was immediatly asked to put the cd in the drive. I don't have Thief Gold on CD, just the demo.

What should I do now,


11th Oct 2008, 17:30
Do the same thing BUT. Start>RUN>BROWSE> find the DEMO EXE. and select it. When it is in the RUN panel, ADD THE SPACE -lgntforce where "l" is lower case "L".

11th Mar 2009, 13:03

I followed the instructions in the sticky post, used the older NVIDIA driver (169.21 WHQL), applied DDFIX and the widescreenfix, but the game behaves as before, crashes after few minutes of play (training mission), experienced the same during System Shock 2 (was SP2 back then).

As for the DDFIX, if I rename the file "thieffixedgold.exe" to "THIEF.exe", I can launch the game as usual, but if I keep the original name (thieffixedgold) and keep the original "THIEF.exe" and launch the "thieffixedgold.exe" the menues launch, but loading the game I get a black screen, going back to windows (windows key) I see the windows taskbar having only like 4bit colours short before the game shuts (after which windows has normal colours again). How to use that fix properly?

My specs:

Thief Gold (v1.37)

6 years old machine, Windows XP (SP3), 3.2 Ghz single core, 2 GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600XT (previous drivers 175.16 WHQL), DirectX 9.0c.


Ok, this "hyperthreading" thing was my problem. I had no idea what "hyperthreading" was at the first place, so it didn't caught my attention, untill I browsed the forum and found out it concearns me. I'd suggest you put up a little explanation of what it is in the "How to..." thread, for those who have little computer experience.

However, Thief Gold seems to run fine now, thanks.

14th Feb 2010, 07:58
I'm having the same problem with installing Thief Gold on my machine, full game this time, same repeating message - "This product cannot be installed on Windows NT due to a DirectX(tm) limitation.' - only I'm on a Windows 7 machine(got it just before last Christmas). So how do I get it to get it's head out of it's ass? (Pardon my French.):scratch::gamer:

14th Feb 2010, 13:48
It seems that DX10 won't play nice with THIEF. Others have gotten it to run on W7, so a global search for W7 might pull something up for you.

Also try www.ttlg.com in the Legacy and Technical forums for THIEF.

Good luck.

16th Feb 2010, 07:27
Okay, the TLLG site was a bust, so what kind of search should I do on Win7? That is to say, could you be a little more specific?:scratch::gamer:

16th Feb 2010, 08:11
Search. KEYWORDS: W7, Windows 7, and so on.

Try the TTLG forums both the Tech and the Legacy, or register there and post your question in both forums.

Here do a global search for the keywords. If that doesn't work then the TTLG forums with your question will be the best bet.
Some people have it running on Win7.

Use the "SEARCH THIS FORUM" for your searches

17th Feb 2010, 17:40

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I actually installed TG on Win7 this morning.

OK, Put CD in drive -
Go to Start, then Run, then type d:\setup.exe -lgntforce, where d:\ is your CDrom/DVDrom drive.

Install, run it (to set up the cam.cfg file), it will probably freeze and you'll have no vids.

Close it down.

Extract DDfix to the directory your Thief.exe is in.

Run the ddfixGUI.exe (right click, run as administrator), check the video fix box and choose what resolution you want. (if you have a wide screen/non standard resolution monitor, then just leave it on 800x600 and we'll fix it later). Click apply patch.

Go to the Thief Gold shortcut on your desktop or the THIEF.exe file, right click, go to compatibility, choose XP, service pack2 and run as administrator.
There we go.

If you have a wide screen monitor now extract the widescreen fix to the folder with your thief exe in. Run the DarkWidescreen.bat file and enter your resolution. Enter 100 for the fov.

Sit back and enjoy Thief Gold.

Garret master thief
27th Feb 2010, 09:21
Right click then click prefrences, then choose compability then run under Winows 95 mode that will work :D

Garret master thief
27th Feb 2010, 09:22
This works!

23rd Apr 2010, 19:47
hello all i just joined this forum today so i apologize if this has already been answered(i looked but didn't see anything). anyway i recently found thief gold in a box i have and tried to install on xp, didn't work i tried the d\setup lgntforce and it started to install but shortly after it told me it couldn't find a user.cfg file...any suggestions? i just want to play thief again:mad2:

10th Jun 2011, 22:55
how do I get to the game saves? I'd like to copy them to a different file

11th Jun 2011, 02:37
In the install folder is the SAVES folder.