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29th Aug 2006, 14:45

I am now in the game with Takamoto..But i dont now how i hafe te kill Takamoto?

Someone pleas help, i am there stuck for everrr...:mad:

29th Aug 2006, 15:44

29th Aug 2006, 23:23
When all else fails, stand behind one of the statues: move slightly to one side and shoot. The manual aim will not have a red dot, just a grey dot. Make sure the grey dot is on him. Keep shooting and his health will start to go down. Lara has to move to a different spot when he decides to move. This approach takes forever, but it works.

Lord Of Games
30th Aug 2006, 08:59
My advice is to just run at him with all you've got grenades everything but just duck when he swings the staff at you (or jump depending on which attack he uses) Always works for me :D

30th Aug 2006, 16:12
Yeah duck, roll or hide from his attacks. Also what I did was save up as much ammo I could get for the big auto rifle (what ever its called) Its long range can reach him on the other side of the room. All you need to do is dodge his attacks and unload all your ammo into him. Usually by the time I was out of ammo for that gun, he was almost dead.

31st Aug 2006, 12:19
while (finish)
Locate him;
Hide behind stones;
get pistols;
lean out and shoots several times until he will be trying to shoot;
then hide againd;