View Full Version : What gamepad do you use for TRL. .

27th Aug 2006, 21:33
I am having a hard time trying to play with just the keyboard and mouse. The targeting system is horriable this way and iam not able to do the slide and jump kick moves either. I can but iam getting frustrated cause ive tried chaning the controls around its a pain.

Does anyone know any good gamepads that work good with this game?

John Carter
28th Aug 2006, 02:14
Saitek Rumbleforce here. Works for me.

28th Aug 2006, 06:44
The keyboard rules! Set everything back to defult and then try ;) :rolleyes:

28th Aug 2006, 12:36

Saitek P3000 wireless

28th Aug 2006, 16:14
I use the Logitech duel action controller that looks the same as the PS2 duel shock controller. But I only have TRL demo on the PC. I have the full version for my PS2.

28th Aug 2006, 17:16
Yea, I have the full version for Xbox 1. And the controls are set perfectly. So iam going to get a game pad like above. I thought those would be really exspensive. Those are nice controllers and not that much. Thanks people. :D

29th Aug 2006, 01:39
I've gotten used to using keyboard and mouse eventually so I don't have to waste money on any PC gamepad. :D