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1st Oct 2013, 07:53
good day to all

i wanted to talk about the Limit Break why dont Squire Enix Decrease the damage of Limit Break and make it Avaliable for all characters in party or Raid and make each player can use it that would be more fun. .. now remmber i said make it Less (damage ) that would be more like FF7 and most players would agree with me.

my secound subject is the Tank Gladiator where there is no Aoe Attack skill for him .

thats for now didnt reach lvl50 yet im on lvl 26.

1st Oct 2013, 08:50
There is a level 50 skill for the Gladiator/Paladin called Circle of Scorn which delivers an attack with a potency of 30 to all nearby enemies, this is also a DoT with a duration of 15secs