View Full Version : How many Gliches?

Lord Of Games
26th Aug 2006, 09:04
How many gliches has anybody found in the game, how many is there. I know about 3...

1) (All I think) In Peru behind a house there is a hole in the game you can jump through and you just start falling and falling and...:mad2:

2) (Xbox 360) In Ghana, at the beginning there is a waterfall you can swim into then walk through a wall. Afterwards you just get to swim about then you fall down and die, unlike in Peru where you don't die.:lol:

3) (Xbox maybe others) In England in the 'boss' room with the big chimes etc in you have to climb and swing on poles but before you do that. Be daft with the chimes and cages shoot them and pull then up and down for a while until one or more of the cages gets stuck up. Then go into the grave area (big Bell room) do what you have to then go out the boss will appear but you can't defeat. You can weaken it but it won't die.:( (only worked once so might not work again.)

Hope you like these gliches, Please send some more...:thumbsup:

26th Aug 2006, 14:30
I've had no problems.. Except (PC):

1. It gets very choppy when I turn on the Next Gen. It's a specific conflict with NVIDIA, which is irritating because the game was engineered to work on NVIDIA cards :mad2:

Lord Of Games
26th Aug 2006, 20:05
Found another one just today. :D

1) At the start of ghana, in the huge lake of water you dive into there is a rock that is almost sticking out of the water. If you go onto a certain point ontop of the rock Lara will start hopping up and down (like a loon). Then if you keep doing this she sometimes stands up above the rock knee deep in the water, but shes not touching the rock shes flowting (if thats even how you spell it) :nut:
Hope you like it. Keep givin' me them lovley gliches. :)