View Full Version : T2 Videos not playing.

25th Aug 2006, 17:22
I started T2 for the first time on my laptop (I'm using XP) and have noticed that the videos aren't playing... :scratch: Help!

25th Aug 2006, 17:31
I believe you need Indeo codec.
Check this thread:

25th Aug 2006, 17:42
Thanks, but I already found the codec online and installed it. Happened to me before, too. But it was a long time ago. :rolleyes:

25th Aug 2006, 18:25
My post is below…sorry for piggybacking?


New Thread: Newbe has an offset game screen


I’m running a clean install of T3 off cd (no patch). Everything seems fine except my game screen is offset about an inch up and to the right (but nothing is cut off, it finds the top right corner just fine). It might be more accurate to say that there is an inch of unused black space along the left and bottom. Video drivers seem fine and were updated (ATI). Resolution seems fine and was tinkered with. Only thing I can think of is I run dual display on my pc but gameplay on one monitor (the left one). I’d rather not have to keep switching from one to two monitors just for an inch. Anybody run into this?

Thank you,

26th Aug 2006, 00:09
Use the MONITOR controls to adjust the placement.

That is if you don't have to do it within your OPSYS.

With Dual monitors, or a KVM switch, the presentation will not always be perfectly centered when you are switching back and forth.

I have the same problem with dual computers and a single monitor with a KVM switch.

Some of the apps are perfectly centered, others are to the left or right. I just use the monitor controls (Horizontal and Vertical) to center the window.