View Full Version : DS Gameplay Video

24th Aug 2006, 12:57

Looks Hot!:D

24th Aug 2006, 13:11
Oh yeah! Goran took that for a spin yesterday. :) :thumbsup:

24th Aug 2006, 13:24
ds lite is sexy

25th Aug 2006, 13:13
I'm not a fan of the DS, especially with consoles like the PSP around. Anyhoo, here (http://portables.p-nintendo.com/previews/P-19847-1.html) is another clip from a French web site. Scroll down a bit for the footage.

Lord Of Games
26th Aug 2006, 20:25
First of all the DS is a perfectly reasonable console and second the DS lite is not sexy it is revolting and hidious, i don't mind nintendo trying to upgrade the DS but the styling now is rubbish. Sorry but it is...

P.S. I just had to step in, i have an original DS and they are still brilliant machines even with the PSP around :D

26th Aug 2006, 20:37
I agree DS is a good console, I have the original DS too. :) :)

26th Aug 2006, 21:01
P.S. I just had to step in, i have an original DS and they are still brilliant machines even with the PSP around :D

So much in fact the PSP2 - so soon in development -, for now being called PSi (Playstation interactive) will have an innovative and interactive... *gasp* touch screen. :eek: How cool is that??! :rolleyes:

27th Aug 2006, 07:47
I didn't bother getting a PSP coz I have already got a Playstation 2. I just didn't see the point.

Lord Of Games
27th Aug 2006, 09:09
I read what you said Treeble and i searched it up on the internet and theres no such thing your talking rubbish to make Sony sound better. Also i found this out, that sony has been copieing Nintendos ideas for its next console, the WII. Thats why its been delayed so many times so they make sure they are not beaten by Nintendo, because there copieing it. :mad2:

:( Sorry I'm just so sick of Sony thinking its the greatest compony on earth

27th Aug 2006, 13:55
I'm not talking rubbish and I definitely am not trying to make Sony sound better. I am a Nintendo hardcore, and what I'm trying to say is that when Sony does similar things Nintendo did, Sony gets a lot of praise, while Nintendo keeps the 'alternative console' status.

I read about the PSi in a magazine down here, maybe it's just a rumour, I don't know, but the way the PS3 will have an unimaginable motion sensor, hardly anything coming from them surprises me anymore.

Lord Of Games
27th Aug 2006, 16:19
Sorry for going mad but i just don't like Sony at all the TVs fall apart, the consoles are mostly rubbish and they think they are great.:mad2:

So Sorry about going mad earlier :D