View Full Version : tokyo problem , help please !

21st Aug 2006, 10:23
i've got a problem with the tokyo level, there is a moment when lara has to go up (apter killing few guys in a room), so she is on a vertical barre and she is going to fall down bacause the barre can't support her so Zip is telling her "For real Lara it's not gonna hold" , So Lara has to jump and catch horizontal barre but I don't understand she passes threw it... She doesn't catch it... I really need some help to understand...thanks you any answer.

21st Aug 2006, 11:25
Yeah, that's tricky. Try jumping from lower down.

21st Aug 2006, 13:20
You climb all the way to the top. She will automatically jump to the bar behind her if you press jump with no direction pressed, it is only a short jump so make sure you take your finger off the jump button straight away, after she has jumped press forward so she will start swinging straight away