View Full Version : Will TR10th anni outsell TRL?

20th Aug 2006, 09:50
what do you think?

Mangar The Dark
21st Aug 2006, 13:12
It's impossible to say. We have no solid information at all about the 10th Anniversary game. Kind of like asking "Will Tomb Raider 11 be better than Tomb Raider 9?"

22nd Aug 2006, 10:33

No point. Many people were waiting for Legend for a very long time, looking forward to play TR again after being bored with Chronicles and insulted with AOD.

Now if they liked Legend or not might have an impact on TR10th sales figures, no matter if the game is a remake or not, its still a new TR game.
I liked Legend but not half as much as i liked TR3 at its time, im more looking forward to a TR remake than i am to a Legend sequel.

3rd Sep 2006, 02:30
What's the new TR going to be called anyway? I haven't even heard about it :mad2: I'm kinda slow on what's coming out until I hear about it!
Well I need to go and find more info about it, then I'll vote...

3rd Sep 2006, 13:17
Originally this one was going to be called "Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition", but I think they're going to drop the 10th from the title. It's kinda too long, isn't it? What if they even decide to add a sub title... "Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition: The Hunt For The Long Lost Scion Of Atlantis". :p

3rd Sep 2006, 21:32
I don't think the game is going to out sell the Legend, because people don't hear enough about it. To make a game a good seller, people need to know good information about it and hear enough information for a certain period of time. About 10th AE we haven't heard anything at all, just a tip of the iceberg, and it's supposte to come out soon.
So I say, no it's probably not going to out sell the LEGEND!!! :D it's just is the LEGEND!

3rd Sep 2006, 21:44
People don't hear enough about it because it's not being promoted yet. It's pretty much like Legend, we didn't hear anything but speculations in the first two years (maybe less, maybe more), but in the 10-12 months prior to it's release we kept getting new footage, new screenies and a lot of info every month. Ok, so the time window here will be much smaller, but I'm pretty sure we'll get thousands of screenshots and videos before we get to play the game.

4th Sep 2006, 04:16
I hope so, want to believe it that way!

4th Sep 2006, 09:20
If "Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition" is TR1 Remake, then absolutely. :)

4th Sep 2006, 10:43
Possibly it would not outsell Legend even though l am hoping it will be better game, since the Anniversary Edition will only be released on 3 platforms, and current gen graphics, where as Legend was released on everything that even looked like it might play a game and had the next gen graphics for the latest PC's and XBox 360. l am hoping Eidos/CD learned their lesson with Legend and will not show us practically the whole game before we get a chance to play it. Some screen shots and a trailer will do me. That said, if it is a faithfull remake like Core's was going to be they can release all the media they want and l will gladly pick it apart, and compare it to the original game/games :D

Chris Daly
10th Sep 2006, 09:32
Yes will easily outlast and outsell Legend if its close to TR1
Legend aside from Croft Manor level which was this games only
redeeming feature, is no comparison to the earlier games
particularly TR1 Before commenting back praising Legend
play TR1 and note how interesting this early game was.

I just hope any TR1 remake isnt anything like Legend
with zip nonsense. bugs and press this and that to do
this. :)

11th Sep 2006, 18:52
Absolutely not. I don't even care how good it is:

-Next to no information on the thing and it's due out early next year (months away)
-Absolutely no hype, unlike Legend which was a hype machine (plus all the ads, conventions like e3, etc. as well as the whole "mystery" aspect of a new team taking over).
-Not a mainstream title, but a remake (presumably anyways, they've never officially confirmed that I suppose).

Those reasons alone are enough to tell me it won't sell as well. That doesn't mean it won't sell *well*, just not as well as Legend (remember that Legend sold extremely well). The point is, Eidos has not been marketing the game at all yet. In order to get Legend's numbers, they should have been doing this at least a year now (assuming it was even in the works that long). Even then, the fact that it's a remake generally makes it "less interesting" in the eyes of the public.

And like I said, the whole hype machine - not even counting the advertising - people wanted to see if Crystal Dynamics could "save" Tomb Raider as it were. They had that whole aspect behind it, marketing it as sort of a "new start" for the series. At the very least, that brings in sales, especially from people who gave up on TR after some of the lackluster games like AoD.

Anyways, I just don't think it will happen.

13th Sep 2006, 15:24
if eidos releses TR AE tomorrow, without any info or demo or any other type of promotion, trust me, it will outsell any other TR game ever.
there are too many fans of the game in this world, no matter how bad,short,easy,etc... Legend was, people will still buy a TR game any time.
i know i would...

13th Sep 2006, 17:57
if eidos releses TR AE tomorrow, without any info or demo or any other type of promotion, trust me, it will outsell any other TR game ever.
there are too many fans of the game in this world, no matter how bad,short,easy,etc... Legend was, people will still buy a TR game any time.
i know i would...

There is absolutely no way it would outsell if that happened. It wouldn't come even remotely close. The hard-core fans that will buy up any TR game no matter what actually make up just a small percentage of total sales. A huge chunk of Legend's or any other game's sales come from random people who just buy the game because it looks fun. Marketing is a *huge* part of that, as someone is not likely to just pick up a random $50 game off the shelf with no knowledge about it.

It's just basic economics. A product without marketing is much less likely to sell as well as a similar product with major marketing.

14th Sep 2006, 16:04

IF "they" make it not too american/legend like.

21st Sep 2006, 14:46
How can we say all this? It really is a 50/50 chance wherever it does or not...