View Full Version : Resolution problem. HitMan Blood Money.

Paul Mathews
20th Aug 2006, 09:44
I'am playing on an 86cm widescreen TV in 720p mode. The problem is the Tv can't display 720p mode at the full resolution of 1280 by 720 and can only show fullscreen at 1116 by 664 thus the side of the screen get poushed out the side of the TV and i can't see the whole screen and the info i need on the
edges of the screen.

HMBM seems to have the 720p mode at 1280by 720 or nothing. Or am i missing somthing ?

Thanks for any help. Its just anoying s i can barely see the compass and i have no real idea what i'am missing over the left and right side of the screen :)


Paul Mathews
21st Aug 2006, 01:16
Anyone ???

Is there an .ini file i can edit to give me the right resolution ???


23rd Aug 2006, 15:12

you can change the resolution in the "HitmanBloodMoney.ini" file!

Just search the Line which has the "Resolution" entry and change the values to whatever you want.


Paul Mathews
29th Aug 2006, 13:45
Thanks man. That should let me play the last two misions with all the screen visiible. And finaly be able to use the compass :)

Might play it again as then i can then know where i'am going :)


I dont know why i could not find that file. I do this alot for other games to play on my TV. For some stuppid reason i never saw it :P

Thanks again.

27th Feb 2013, 02:31
dont know how old these posts are but for future people who found it like i did and dont have steam like some other links popped up for me, i use a widescreen monitor and all i did was change my resolution on my comp to 800-600, the smallest one and then started up the game and went and changed it to the same resolution and everything fit on my screen at that point so i could play the game and not go crazy. im not a tech guy or that smart so i wouldnt have been able to go into the files and change them like how you guys suggested and just wanted to post what worked for me(edit) seen that those old posts are 7 years ago, well if any new pc players decide to pick up hitman then hopefully this post helps if your not a tech guy!