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18th Aug 2006, 07:51
I have loaded and played lego star wars for several months. Windows now does not want to load the game. It comes up with the dialog box saying it couldn't do it and will need to close the application (and then gives the option to send a report to Microsoft). I'm running Windows XP and MS Office 2003. But my confusion is over the fact that it has worked up until now. My son does not want me to reload it over the top as it will lose his saved games. Can anyone help? Many Thanks

21st Aug 2006, 09:39
Hmmm I don't know why your game should suddenly stop working?

You can safeguard your son's saved games by copying the save-game files.

The LSW save-game files are located in the same folder you installed the game. Copy each of the folders lsw_0, lsw_1, lsw_2, etc. (one for each of the active save-game slots) to a different location – reinstall the game - then copy them back once you’re reinstalled the game.

Let me know how you get on.

31st Aug 2006, 21:38
What programs have you installed recently?