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16th Aug 2006, 12:53
Just read this on eurogamer; Dr. (kill the lights) Livingstone I presume...



Mangar The Dark
16th Aug 2006, 13:16
That's good news (though hardly a surprise.) I kept thinking, "There's no way they are going to get this game done by this November without it being a total rush-job!" Next year is much more reasonable, and gives them time to make a better game.
A bit silly to call it a 10th Anniversary game, since it's more than 10 years, though. They may want to think of a better title.

16th Aug 2006, 15:59
If we assume this interview to be legit it's logical to assume there will be a new Tomb Raider game sometime next year. It maybe base on the original TR game play style but with enhanced graphics and options. I hope it's a follow up to Legend's ending. However it won't be the anniversary edition anymore. I wonder what Eidos was thinking when they announced plans for TR back in June? :confused:

16th Aug 2006, 16:17
We've also made plans for an anniversary edition which will be coming out next year, based on Lara Croft, due to the fact that we've just gone past her 10th birthday, and there's another game in development too.

He kind of contradicts himself, doesn't he? It's hard to draw any conclusions from that...

Mangar The Dark
16th Aug 2006, 18:03
I think what he means is they plan to release the 10th Anniversary game next year since it's close enough to her 10 year anniversary, AND there's ANOTHER game (not the 10 YA) in development too. So there are two games in development-- the 10YA, and the regular sequel. The 10YA will come out next year, and the other game is being worked on, but we there's no indication as to when it will come out. My guess would be that it won't come out next year, though. Why release two TR games in one year? It would saturate the market, and people might pick and choose between them, rather than getting both. If they wait a year or so between releases, they could optimize sales.

16th Aug 2006, 18:20
There hasn't been an official announcement on that yet and I think you can expect to hear a little more on it at Edinburgh. But with regards to the recent confusion over it, I can say that Core are no longer involved with the franchise, and they're certainly not working on the game.

So maybe we'll see some screens and stuff then? Anyone know anything about this festival? (edit: looked it up and it just started this week, so maybe real soon?)

16th Aug 2006, 19:36
i imagine it will not be a PS2 title if it isn't coming out this year

Sophia Leigh
16th Aug 2006, 23:21
i imagine it will not be a PS2 title if it isn't coming out this year
I hope they release it on both PS2 & PS3, I'll be waiting at least at year before buying a PS3 after its released as I just can't justify paying such a high price for one.

17th Aug 2006, 15:58
i imagine it will not be a PS2 title if it isn't coming out this year

PS3 can play PS2 titles. Besides which, I imagine the PS2 will not die out for at least a year after the PS3 comes out. That's the way it seems to work with all "next-gen" consoles - possibly even longer due to the backwards compatibility.

17th Aug 2006, 19:39
.......... gives them time to make a better game.

:lol: :lol: :lol: I laughed my socks off.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

18th Aug 2006, 08:29
:lol: :lol: :lol: I laughed my socks off.... :lol: :lol: :lol:Me too! :D

18th Aug 2006, 09:12
Whats so funny about it :confused: ? I also predicted this and im also glad that they wont throw the 10 anniversary edition out the door to meet a ridiculous deadline, im more looking forward to it than Legend's sequel though i will obviously pick both, 2007 sounds like a promissing year :) .

18th Aug 2006, 14:52
Whats so funny about it :confused: ?
Don't bother. ;)

18th Aug 2006, 17:16
Agh too bad - would've really brighten up the spirit on the release date whatever - not suprised really I mean, not a lot of media coverage came up when there should've at least be one now....UGH CORE would've brighten our hearts if they released it 'cause darn they were the ones who owned it - not by contracts but by heart- at least this will hold off my allowance on buying the PSP and PS2 version again:D :D LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL:D :D :D :D :whistle:

20th Aug 2006, 09:45
[selfish mode on]
I dont want a TR10Anni for next year that would not make any sense! that would be call happy TR11+few months anniversary :scratch: you know what I mean @_@ I want this new TR out as soon as possible
[/selfish mode off]

but if we want a proper remake we can wait :lol:

Mangar The Dark
21st Aug 2006, 01:59
:lol: :lol: :lol: I laughed my socks off.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think I'm missing the joke. Oh well.

21st Aug 2006, 08:39
l am fine with next year, but l will be expecting double what l would have been expecting for November, for making us wait :whistle:

21st Aug 2006, 16:38
The more I thought about this the more it seems likely that Eidos will release some press release info on a new TR game in November but the actual game won't be ready until sometime next year. :whistle: I agree. Why would Eidos want to make us wait? Maybe this game will be in direct competition with the most highly anticiplated game coming next year - Halo 3 - for the Xbox 360? :scratch:

We know it won't be for the XB360 or Xbox. Maybe for the Wii, PS3, PC and PSP? It's starting to make me wonder what Crystal had in mind for its PSP version?