View Full Version : Searching the Editors Guild (while TTLG is down)

The Pixie
15th Aug 2006, 11:44
If you are stuck and want to search the Editors' Guild for a solution, but cannot because the TTLG server is down, you can use Google. Start your query with site:www.ttlg.com to restrict the search to TTLG. And rather than clicking on the link, click on "cached" to see the page as saved on Google.

15th Aug 2006, 12:26
Meh! I should have thought of this. Thanks a lot! *finds everything that was gone* \o/

15th Aug 2006, 21:42
Won't really help me get to the two PM's I hadn't read yet. :scratch: I can't even remember who they were from. (I think one was Sterlino...)

Well, if you're reading this and you had sent me a PM at TTLG, you may as well send it again to me here or by email.

ps. How did that script work out for you, Pixie?

The Pixie
16th Aug 2006, 19:46
The script works fine now (thanks a lot). Strange, the test mission I sent you crashes on load - did it do that for you? - but that seems to be completely unrelated.

How come script.osm is so big? It is more than ten times as big as the old version.

And did you have the chance to do anything with the SS2 scripts in this version?