View Full Version : Request: Lara render wearing the dress

15th Aug 2006, 02:50
Here is a small sample, the 4th pic from left to right


it looks like a render of Lara wearing the dress to me

I found that on the tombnews site, and it said that is was avaible for buying at the XBOX market

Can someone contact eidos so we can get it? please

16th Aug 2006, 01:53
Hey Danny. I'm just not sure what image it is. Do you have a larger version anywhere? At least showing more of her body? There were so many renders from Legend I can't recall all of them. I've checked our site. A few of the load screens look similar, but it's not them. I'm pretty sure of that.

16th Aug 2006, 01:54
b/w Welcome to Eidos Forums.

16th Aug 2006, 11:16
Most of the Xbox Live Marketplace gamer pics have never been released as full scale images. There are numerous exclusive gamerpics, backgrounds and images in some of the themes and pics which still haven't been released... Shame because some of them are gorgeous!

16th Aug 2006, 17:49
Thanks for the replies

to MissLara2U:
No that's the only version I have

to 20193:
Hope they release them soon

16th Aug 2006, 20:35
Due to the pose, I'd presume she's riding her bike on that render. Maybe it's just a high quality Nextgen screenshot? :scratch: Anyway, it looks really nice and I hope we get it in full glory any of these days. :D