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Admiral Nelson
13th Aug 2006, 17:39
Evening, i am having trouble with the use of cheats on Imperial glory. Normally i wouldn't resort to cheats, but im having really bad problems with food shortages and my men are going to need their energy for the coming war with Austria.

Now, when i use the following cheat:

Enter PYROGODMODE on the credits screen. This will unlock the ability to use the below codes within the Management Model. Please note that these cheats only work on the 1.1 patched version.

Code: Description:
LCTRL+LAlt+D Increase Money
LCTRL+LAlt+F Fast Building
LCTRL+LAlt+G Fast Training
LCTRL+LAlt+N Increase Food
LCTRL+LAlt+U Fast Research
LCTRL+LAlt+X Increase Population
LCTRL+LAlt+Y Increase Raw Materials"

i get up until the point where i have entered the code inthe credits screen. Then i proceed to load my game. This is where i am stuck. I input the codes as told and nothing happens.

Just for clarification, what exactly is the "Management Model"? Is it the colonial map, or is it a seperate screen in the campaign game? Please help!

13th Aug 2006, 18:00
Cheats only work on a new game. Management mode is the the standard (military) view.

13th Aug 2006, 18:59
Well, I know nothing about cheats. But in a more conventional approach to your problem: how and when do you run into food shortages? It is actually the only ressource that seems well balanced in the game, meaning if you get the appropriate upgraded buildings you alway seem to have the needed amount for the specific units of each age. Is it possible you let your troops stay on foreign ground in passage for too long? Or that you always have all your troops outside the academy, not just in emergency situations?