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John D.
12th Aug 2006, 07:48
I'm fixing the first mission of a certian project right now and finding lots of things wrong. I've got a special mine that unleases a custom stim that's designed to knock out a guy with M-coshproof property. I've set the stim to knock the guy out but it kills him instead! Anybody have any ideas on how best to fix the settings?

13th Aug 2006, 18:11
It sounds like the editor decided the stim should kill the guy since it can't KO him.

There is a way to have a stim add/remove metaproperties. Perhaps the stim could remove the coshproof metaproperty and then deliver the KO ?


Maybe have a conversation triggered that makes the AI blind & deaf and adds the metaproperty "sleeping" ? The player won't be able to pick him up like a normal KO'd AI, though.

Sorry, no ideas other than that.

Edit: It might take more than one stim on the weapon to make that work. First stim to remove the no-KO, and the second one to KO him.

13th Aug 2006, 19:44
GayleSaver has a script that adds/removes metaproperties and another script that 'sends' a stim to an object...

14th Aug 2006, 02:07
GayleSaver has a script that adds/removes metaproperties and another script that 'sends' a stim to an object...
TrapMetaProp and TrapStim, respectively.

John D.
14th Aug 2006, 09:20
Sounds good, I'll check into it.:thumbsup: :)

John D.
14th Aug 2006, 15:01
Ok, I've got the scripts but have no idea how to implement them to fix my situation (the instructions dont help much). Anything I've tried hasnt worked so far.

What's going on is that I have a mine that unleashes an electrical field when triggered. I need the electric field to strip the M-coshpoof and M-mechgasmasked properties from a helmeted mech diver so a Knockout stim can put them down. Do you guys have an idea on how I can rig the links up in the gamesys to make this happen?

Fred Thiefstone
15th Aug 2006, 20:53
Did you get this to work?
I was just wondering because you should be able to do it all within the stim without custom scripts.

15th Aug 2006, 21:51
Yup, I got it to work fine. Created a new mine type using the ActiveMine script and Corpse link to a knockout SFX. The knockout SFX has a DisableStim stim source with the same settings as a GasArrPuff (But I set "destroy on completion" because I didn't bother with the tweq.) The DisableStim just has AI\Utility\IsKnockout set on it. Then to EasilyKnockedOut I put receptrons for DisableStim just like the ones for KnockoutStim

One thing I can think of is if you're trying to make it a deployable mine. All the mines use a script that knows what kind of active object to create. If you tried making a custom mine but still used the Mine script, it would create a ActiveMine object when dropped, regardless of any customization on the un-armed object.

John D.
16th Aug 2006, 11:12
I've tried some of the stuff you suggested Tellimand and it works for a regular guard, but if I try it on a guy that has M-coshproof and mechgasmasked it still kills him. You wouldnt have a little demo mission of your working model would you?