View Full Version : Change brightness in windowed mode?

11th Aug 2006, 00:37
Hello, i am playing Thief 3 in windowed mode and have set my window size to 1027x768 in the default.ini .
i do not know if playing in windowed mode is supported at all...but how can i change the brightness when playing in windowed mode?using the in game menu doesnt do anything for me, the game seems stuck at a very dark brightness,which makes it unplayable in windowed mode.

11th Aug 2006, 06:58
I don't know what your system is, or the Vcard, but try raising the bright/contrast/gamma in the Vcard control menu.

Failing that, DON'T play in windowed mode. Why anyone would want to I can't imagine.

11th Aug 2006, 14:03
watching baseball stream on tv with dual screen mode, i was trying to play the window as big as the monitor resolution so there wouldnt be a difference.sorry you couldnt imagine :P , i know it might be rarely set up that way :).

9th Sep 2013, 03:22
I apologize in advance for bumping a 7 year old thread.

I decide to bump this thread because I recently stumbled across this issue while I was playing DeusEx on my old E-Machines desktop, and I decided to look through Google for a solution to my problem.

I didn't find one, but I found out what caused the game's low brightness settings for windowed mode.

If you haven't set the button T for Talking in your settings, then you might want to do that ASAP, it will make this process much easier that way.

When you press the T button, you will want to remove the "say " in order to put in single-player commands. Then you will type in "Preferences" and it will show up another window that contains a GUI form of the DeusEx.ini file.

Expand the Display area, and then set the value of "NoLighting" to True.

This will disable any dynamic lighting that the game has, in which this will disable the awesome dark and moody atmosphere from the game.

This works similar to a fullbright render, even areas that are programmed to be dark will be bright and easy to navigate.

You could also achieve the same effect by editing the value in the DeusEx.ini file, but this can be done dynamically while the game is still running, so that you could change this value as you play the game.