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the taffer
10th Aug 2006, 04:54
1) I have a door control deviced to a button. I hit the button and the door opens. Ok No big deal. I have a button inside that I want to hit and make the door close again. I can not get the button inside to close. Any ideas?

2) I have a candle that is lit and it works fine w/ water arrows. I want to also have garrett blow out the candle somehow with frobing it or something because its a candle, who needs to waste a water arrow.

3) I made mice holes and want to have mice patrol in and out of the holes. The patrols work fine until the mouse gets to the hole. He stops and wont go to the next patrol point which is in the hole. I tried starting one off in the hole to patrol outside and it did not work. The hole is not too small and I room brushed it if that matters. I experimented for a bit with it. I have no idea what could be wrong.

Thanks in advance for your guys' help.

10th Aug 2006, 21:39
I think you need to CD link the Buttons to an Inverter then CD link the inverter to the door ?

the taffer
10th Aug 2006, 21:40
:D I will try that and see if it works thnx. It worked thank you soo much.

11th Aug 2006, 04:30
For #3...
Did you check that the patrol points are linked in the correct direction ?
Did you try making the hole bigger (Even if it looks big enough)?
Does the rat have enough room to turn around ?

Usually, an AI that won't go to the next patrol either doesn't know where to go, or can't get there due to some terrain issue. :scratch:

The thing is, rats seem to get stuck easy. I can't think of how many missions I've seen with 'stuck rats'. It's like the thing is a dinky little rat, and it needs a bigger than rat sized space to turn around in. This was something I had myself, and solved it by moving some furniture in that room.

the taffer
11th Aug 2006, 04:36
The only thng i didnt check was to see if it could turn around... i might scale it down and try that. TY very much

11th Aug 2006, 16:30
2) Nameless voice has a tut on frobbable candles at his site, find it here (http://www.geocities.com/nameless_voice/Tutorials/Candles.htm).

3) I think the problem is that AI require a certain size portal to go through, even little AI like rats. Not sure how to solve the problem, though - R Soul or NV would probably know.

Marshall Banana
11th Aug 2006, 18:05
1) I have a door control deviced to a button. I hit the button and the door opens. Ok No big deal. I have a button inside that I want to hit and make the door close again. I can not get the button inside to close. Any ideas?

You make the button on the inside a control device for the button on the outside.

the taffer
11th Aug 2006, 18:21
Thank you guy yandros for the site. Thanks marshall for the door info. I alrdy got it working with an inverter. I will try it your way to see how it works. I appreciate it so far the door is fixed and the rat problem im working on. Those rats make a big turn. lol its pretty funny but awkward. I might make them just do a big path instead of trying to turn around. I think the candle thing will be easy since there is a tut on it.

11th Aug 2006, 19:01
1) Buttons only send TurnOn messages. They cannot receive anything.

Nieslen's method works - assuming the player will only pass through the dooway in one direction.

3) The only method I can think of is the cheating method.
Make the mouse hole big enough to allow patrolling (probably 6 units) and compute pathfinding.
Leave the hole like that until you're certain that you won't have to add any more terrain/objecs that the AI should be able to navigate. Bear in mind that some objects affect pathfinding (e.g. tables).
Then you can reduce the size of the hole, but don't compute pathfinding again.
The database will still tell the AI that the hole is high enough.
You roombrushes can always be sized to fit the small hole.

One slight problem though. All the AI will think they can go through it. Large AI (e.g. humans) may try to walk through the hole if, for example, the palyer shoots a noismaker arrow through it. The AI will try investigate, but it will bump into the wall and won't get the hint.
You may therefore have to find a sensible way to make the area inaccessible to the other AI.

Marshall Banana
11th Aug 2006, 19:14
1) Buttons only send TurnOn messages. They cannot receive anything.

Right. I was thinking of levers.

the taffer
11th Aug 2006, 20:16
Im still working on how to get the rat hole and the rat to patrol in it. I was kind of doing your idea R soul. I made it 3 units high 4 Width and 3 depth. i even put an extra patrol point right outside the hole to help the rat get in the right position to go in. he will not go in at all. Even with how big the hole is. lol

11th Aug 2006, 20:39
Try 3 units wide and 6 - 8 high. Don't forget to compute pathfinding.

the taffer
11th Aug 2006, 20:56
ok will try that then. I just tried it and still did not work I do not know what is going on. Im going to keep at it until i get it working. It worked... i had to make it 7 feet and 3 wide. That makes no sense considering a rat is small and its dimensions are .21 radius. Well im going to try to do something else with it and if i cant find a way i have to do what r soul said. =P I am going to have guards patrolling the area too, I dont want guards bumping into the wall.

The Pixie
14th Aug 2006, 12:36
For the door, you could try having a FrobProxy link from both the buttons to a lever, and a ControlDevice link from the lever to the door. When the player frobs either button, it will be like frobbing the lever, so the first time will send a TurnOn, the second time a TurnOff - and it does not matter whoch button. Once you have tested it, put the lever somewhere out of sight.

15th Aug 2006, 00:38
Save yourself an object. Just add the property Scripts to the button and change "StdButton" to "StdLever". Check the "Don't Inherit" flag. Add Tweq\Joints and remove the "OneBounce" flag.

Then you can FrobProxy link one button to the other, and be sure to set "AllowDirect" on the link.