View Full Version : Help Please, stuck in Japan!!!

9th Aug 2006, 22:39
I'm in the operation room, but on the top of the screen there are two hoops shining i know i have to shoot them before i try to make the screen fall but i can't, I can't manage to shoot them so highly:scratch: , so what can i do?, please, some help, (Xbox). (help in spanish will be great!!:whistle: )

9th Aug 2006, 23:56
Sorry, yo no hablo EspaƱol. :p But you are looking for Accurate Aim, it's R3 on the PS2, don't know on the Xbox though.

Looked up and you just have to click the right analogue, like in the PS2, to use accurate aim.

10th Aug 2006, 02:15
Hey thanks about that, but :confused: I have already done that and it's not possible Lara just shoot other places but never those hoops, i guess is the same thing about the Accurate Aim i mean same button, i have tried anything and i can't do it, where do i have to put Lara to shoot them, anywhere?? or there's something that i don't know?:mad2:

10th Aug 2006, 06:00
Hey,Have you tried standing further away from the screen?Or grappling the thr shiny thing then trying to shoot the rings?

10th Aug 2006, 09:32
Theres a button to have manually aim (with crosshair) use that and shoot the two and then grapple the screen and pull it

10th Aug 2006, 21:42
:) :D :cool: MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!! Thank you so much!!! I've already passed the Level Japan!!