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8th Aug 2006, 23:29
Hello. I´ve got another paranoic question (maybe somebody has already answered it, I don´t know). If in SR2 and Defiance the changes of history have as a consequence that the Soul Reaver is not created; and both the original Reaver and the wraith blade are all the time with the future versions of Kain and Raziel until they unite in one unique blade; then how could the Reaver end up with the young Kain in BO2?
It's supposed that the events of BO2 occur in the alternative timeline and not in the original one, because of the resurrected Janos and all of that, doesn't?
It's very puzzling, I think.:confused:

9th Aug 2006, 02:06
The Soul Reaver will have to go back in time at some point so that Moebius can give it to William the Just, then it goes on like usual.

12th Aug 2006, 22:47
How?? There's no Soul Reaver at all, there's only one purified Reaver which must be all the time with future Kain as the Scion of Balance. Why would this new sword end up with William the Just again? And if it really ended there, this purified Reaver isn't the one you have in BO2, does it?I'm not sure.:scratch:

13th Aug 2006, 14:54
The Reaver that Kain carries in Defiance is the vampiric weapon that had recently been stolen from Janos. Raziel did almost end up being drawn into the Reaver, but for the purposes of this explanation, that incident only gave the Reaver the temporary ability to cause a paradox in the presence of a wraithblade-weilding Raziel.

Kain isn't carrying a soul-stealing weapon until the end of Defiance. During the days of the empire, the Soul Reaver was said to be possessed. At the very least, the now-created Soul Reaver needs to go back to the fledgeling Kain. The battle between Kain and William the Just is also a part of the Reaver's history.

23rd Aug 2006, 12:33
it is complicated but you have to remember that time is like that.

I believe that Kain had one incarnation of the BLOOD Reaver. This means that the Blood reaver is removed from any future. However, the SOUL reaver however is no longer claimed by Kain, which leaves Moebius to travel to whenever he wants it and take it back for Willy the Just.

Remember there are different incarnations of the blade. When and Kain and Willy fought they each had a different incarnation of the blade.

24th Aug 2006, 03:37
The two Reavers used in the fight between Kain and William was actually one Reaver, just from two time periods.

25th Aug 2006, 21:39
OK. I understand. I had a mistake, sorry. I thought that the Reaver in BO2 was the blood drinking version, and it's really the Soul Reaver, which makes sense with the end of Defiance.

Irmok the Mad
27th May 2007, 02:00
This is all very confusing. :scratch:

I need a timeline to understand this.

10th Dec 2007, 23:22
there are three different reavers... the one attached to Raziel, the one with william that kain destroys later, and the one with kain, whcih is the same one he has at the end of BO1...

or... i got slightly confused.. and the one that Willy has is the same one that kain has at the end of BO1 and kain also destroys, and the one kain uses is the one he finds in the seraphim temple... i don't remember now ( i did at the start of this post :/ ).. its been a while since i played the LoK seies..

EDIT: sorry, i didn't realize the thread had been resurected by the last poster.. :/

EDIT2: It just occured to me that i had forgotten something... Completely ignore my post above. I forgot that Vorador had the soul reaver in BO1 aswell... and that he probably had it when he died, and so Moebeous (spelling? ) would have grabbed it then.

11th Dec 2007, 03:19
To clear things up, the "basic" timeline of the Reaver, as I wrote it, is like this: Lots of spoilers here!

-(Blood) Reaver crafted by Vorador
-Blade imbued with powers, including Blood Drain
-Janos is murdered by Sarafan Raziel who takes the Reaver
Here, the timeline branches off into original and altered timeline (altered timeline created by the events at the end of SR2):
-Original timeline: The Reaver absorbs Raziel's soul into it and it becomes the Soul Reaver
-Altered timeline: Elder Kain (gone back in time) prevents Raziel's soul from being absorbed into the Reaver, instead he takes it up
-Altered timeline: Elder Kain travels into the BO1 era, taking the Reaver with him
-Altered timeline: Raziel's soul is absorbed into the Reaver (end of Defiance)
-Altered timeline: Elder Kain eventually gives up the Soul Reaver (we don't know exactly how or when yet) and it finds its way into Moebius's hands.
Resume both timelines here.
-450 years later. Moebius gives the Soul Reaver to William the Just.
-Fledgling Kain arrives back in time to this era with the Soul Reaver of 50 years later and assassinates William. The Soul Reaver William is carrying is broken.
-20 years later. Raziel from the future comes to William's tomb and repairs the Soul Reaver.
-The Soul Reaver is placed in Avernus Cathedral.
-Blood Omen era. Fledgling Kain finds and claims the Soul Reaver, then goes back in time to assassinate William. He then returns to the present.
-Altered timeline: 200 years later: the Hylden Lord defeats Kain and takes the Soul Reaver.
-Altered timeline: another 200 years later: Kain recovers the Soul Reaver and kills the Hylden Lord.
-Kain, now Elder Kain, shatters the Soul Reaver on Raziel, who claims it.
-Raziel travels back in time with the Soul Reaver. Its power is awoken by contact with its former self (in William's tomb).
-Raziel travels into the BO1 era and imbues the Reaver with all the enhancements, ending with Spirit.
-Raziel dissipates the Soul Reaver - now Spirit Reaver - into Elder Kain. (end of Defiance)

Figured I'd put that out there. Kudos if you can follow it! :nut:

11th Dec 2007, 05:39
And it wasn't the Soul Reaver that Vorador uses in Blood Omen. It pretty much looks exactly the same as how the Reaver looks in that game, except the size, but it's not supposed to be the same sword. They redesigned the sword in Defiance to help get rid of the confusion.

11th Dec 2007, 21:02
I never did understand how people confused Vorador's bone sword with the reaver. While they are somewhat similar, the blade of Vorador's sword did not have the deep curvature of the reaver, the skull at its base was barely as wide as the hilt and it completely lacks the four smaller blades emerging from the skull that the reaver features.

12th Dec 2007, 00:09
I seem to remember only two spikes coming out of the skull on the Soul Reaver in Blood Omen. I also thought for a long time that Vorador was using the Soul Reaver in that fight.