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8th Aug 2006, 12:56
god is there anyway of beating this mission? the allies are as good as useless, like people storming the bridge isn't enough, we get people coming by boat and 3 heavy machines try to make u the same level as ground and we are get bombed... how do you beat this mission? i can get as far as the tanks but thats it.

28th Aug 2006, 18:44
I jazz!!me too, i cant explode the first panzer, I use the antipanzer mines,the panzerfaust(I shot 8times) and granedes...could everyone help us please??

28th Aug 2006, 18:59
As you start the mission, equip both your commandos with medkits. Now... have the GB run as fast as he can to the weapons depot and pick up the antitank mines and the panzerfaust, plus some grenades. Have him return back.

The difficulty in this mission is that at first look it seems that you have to have your commandos moving at all times. That is not true. Only the sniper should move up and down, and that afterwards, when the lookouts appear and the boats start their crossing of the river.

With the GB there are at the beginning 2 obvious tactics that he can actually use: one is to stand by with his own weapons, armed and fire on the go, while the sniper remains immobile and the other one is to use a machinegun nest. There are 2 machinegun nests, one at the right of the bridge, unoccupied, and the other directly in front of the bridge, occupied. The obvious one would be to hold the unoccupied one, which I did at several occasions and got hammered. The quick solution is to occupy the occupied machinegun nest, which is directly in front of the bridge. Do not worry, the resistance member will gladly withdraw. That is the best position to sit the GB down, as ALL enemy soldiers cross that path. Even when the Germans attack by the sides of the bridge, they still have to link up with the direct entrance of the bridge, leading to that machinegun nest. It is also covered and the GB will suffer less amount of damage when the artillery shells come blasting through.

Switch to the sniper when the lookouts appear and again when the boats start attacking. The sniper has to move left and right in order to have a good fix on the lookouts. The same goes when the armored truck appears. Use the sniper to kill the gunner and the GB to blow the truck with grenades.

Now, at some point in the game between the attack of the second and the third wave, there is a slight pause. Use that to your advantage to have the GB run onto the bridge and place the mines. You can do that right at the start of the mission, but that way one mine will blow the armored truck up and not any of the tanks. Use the panzerfaust after the tank has passed, in order to blow it up. Throw some grenades before or use your guns in order to clear the troops hiding behind.

Good luck and godspeed,

28th Aug 2006, 21:30
I made it ;) I start the mission again and I did it the same time as the others but now the tanks exploded :D
Thanks very much for your help Iakovos :thumbsup: