View Full Version : Green dots in Tomb Raider Legend

7th Aug 2006, 04:32
I'm running 2 Asus EN7600GT SLI video cards on my asus A8NSLI Deluxe motherboard. When I play the Game Tomb Raider Legend I get numerous Green dots that move and shimmer all over the screen whenever my game resolution exceeds 800 X 600. Drop my resolution down and the problem dissappears. If I'm using split frame rendering the green dots are confined to the bottom half of the screen. If I use alternate frame rendering the green dots occupy the full size of the screen. I'm not overclocked on my system or video cards. I've read of this problem on the 7600GT cards on other forums but never any solutions. I have a 550W SLI Enermax power supply and the molex graphic connector on the motherboard is plugged in. I'm using the latest Nvidia 91.XX driver. Any idea what is going on here? Could this possibly be a software problem with the Tomb Raider Legend game?

7th Aug 2006, 07:55
I don't get green dots but on my Radeon... 6000 something or other I get green strobe light in Russia. :nut: