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7th Aug 2006, 04:14
Ok, I was looking on both of the Eidos and Tafn Forums and Stuff, but I couldn't see anything. Ok, I downloaded the American mod and there isn't a read me on it so I downloaded it in the Imperial Glory file. But When i played the game, it is the still boring french!!! I need Help. :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: :mad2: Need help. :scratch: :scratch: :scratch: I feel like exploding! :lmao:

21st Aug 2006, 18:30
Whats the American mod?

Panama Red
8th Sep 2006, 16:31
Here: http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/details.php?file=67

9th Sep 2006, 00:02
Here: http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/details.php?file=67
Oh....that! :lmao: I thought it was a new mod or something.

White Pine
22nd Sep 2006, 15:10
Is this mod any good?

1st Oct 2006, 01:53
Well anyways. It Doesn't work for me. There is no Readme. So I need help!:lol:

2nd Oct 2006, 01:13
Well anyways. It Doesn't work for me. There is no Readme. So I need help!:lol:

Strange....I just d/l the file and there is a Readme :scratch:

US army mod v.3
By: Officerpuppy
Email: Gianorell@lycos.com

To Install:

Place the Francia file into your:
Models/BANDERAS folder

Place the files from the calvary folder into your "Models/01Francia/Caballeria" folder.
Place the other files into your "Models/01Francia/Infanteria" folder.

TextOficialesFrancia goes into your:IG/texto/english/mangement/textnombresoficiales
Bandera goes into your: IG/game/gamemodes/gestion/figuras/01Francia

*Instalation of the artiliery soldiers is optional.
To do so, open up the DefUnidadesImperio file and locate the following:

# Sub-unidades de artilleria

Replace all these lines:

.RANDOMTEX "Infanteria\Fusilero.dds"


.RANDOMTEX "Infanteria\Art.dds"

Please remember to back up your orginal files.

What it does:

This mod replaces French line inf, light inf, riflemen and dragoons with US soldiers from 1812. Also included is a US flag to replace the French colors. Also included are arty soldiers, a US flag to use on the campaign map and a list of US leader names.

Historical note:

The flag seen is the 7th regiment flag. As for the skins, to my knowledge there were many uniforms worn during this time since the US army had a hard time distributing or producing so many uniforms, as a result of this many soldiers either fought in their civilian clothing, the blue uniform, a white summer uniform, or gray fatigue uniform. It was not uncommon to see a regiment wearing multiple uniforms on the field. Around 1814-1815, to my knowledge, the blue uniform was changed to something different seen in my mod but not entirely different.


V.3: Added a small detail to all blue backpacks.
Added artilery soldiers.
Improved flag.

V.2: Switched cap plates between riflemen and regular infantry.
Fixed problem with riflemen being in the wrong location and replaceing light inf.
Added two new units, Light Inf (militia) and dragoons.
Minor changes to the riflemen uniform.
Minor changes to the regular inf.

V.1: Intial release

4th Oct 2006, 01:01
Thanks for writing to me. I am going to try it and now i am going to use it. :)