View Full Version : Coat Racks in Bolivia

7th Aug 2006, 01:13
I'm trying to figure out how to get from the last "coat rack" bar to the ledge where the silver reward is. Every time I try to jump to it, I just end up back on the ground where I started from.
So, how do you jump side ways or get to that ledge?
Any help would be appriciated. :scratch:

7th Aug 2006, 15:37
Hi! You jump from rack to rack until you get to the crevices in the walls. Shimmy to the right and jump to the next crevice on the right. From there you're able to jump backwards from the wall to one of the racks which will lead you straight to the reward.
Hope you figure it out!

9th Aug 2006, 14:47
That's the problem, I can get as far as the last rack, but getting off it and onto the ledge is the thing I haven't figured out yet.

9th Aug 2006, 17:28
Hi again! Picture this: you're hanging on the right crevice, just about to jump to the last rack. It's very important that you jump onto the LEFT "arm" on the coat rack. You will kump backwards and the rack will turn, moving you to hang right in front of the ledge with the reward.
When you jump from the left crevice and onto the right, you should shimmy a little bit to the left to be opposite the rack arm that you need to grab..
It's pretty hard to explain, I hope you understand at least some of it!

Happy raiding...