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6th Aug 2006, 19:13
in Croft Manor Library, there's a big bookshelf on the upper level. the binoculars revel it as a movable item but I can't figure what to do. tried shooting it pushing it. suggestions? also is there any signifficance to the bright books that stand out on the book cases? tried the interack button etc but they don't do anything obvious. half expected them to pull out or something.

6th Aug 2006, 19:24
Pull that bookshelf down to ground level with your grapple.

The books are part of the gold reward puzzle.

6th Aug 2006, 20:40
the part that looks like a cart with wheels half way up the wall. I asume youre meant to grapple it to get it on the tracks but I can gab it but all it does is hinge a little. what gives?

6th Aug 2006, 20:57
Now I'm confused. I'd thought you were in Alister's room, where there's one bookshelf behind a wooden wall you can shatter with your pistols and another up in these railings (which you use the grapple to drop it down). Is this where you are? :scratch:

7th Aug 2006, 05:15
The moveable one upstairs in the seperate room, try pulling the switch on the left hand side, as to the colored books, look elsewhere for the clue as to what to do with them, they are part of the Gold Reward tasks

7th Aug 2006, 05:45
yes I'm in alister's room. Got both moving book racks in place over the pressure plates. I discovered the hidden tunnel that joins Lara's bedroom. Not sure what's next. I'm down to 8/10 Silver & 15/16 Bronze.

Bloody Angel of Darkness
18th Aug 2006, 09:51
It's a clue of the location of the Gold Reward.
You have to push the books in this order:cerulian,topaz,viridian and crimson ( as the clue in the swiming pool says) or if you preferq: blue,yellow,green and red! You have pulled the bookself with the grapple,shot the wooden wall and opened the secret passage,haven't you?