View Full Version : Can Lara do diving tricks?

6th Aug 2006, 18:44
Guys und gals, does anyone know if there's a way to make dear Lara do any flips or tricks while she's diving? I know she can do rolls and flips on the ground but how about when diving?

John Carter
7th Aug 2006, 02:45
If there are such things, nobody's found them yet. Great suggestion for the next game, though. :)

7th Aug 2006, 02:53
I seem to find doing a swan dive hard enough, lol. I've only been able to do it once :mad:

7th Aug 2006, 09:14
Aww, the diving roll was sacred!.. and fun! :D

8th Aug 2006, 22:52
I think I recall in TR3 that during the dive, you press Roll button and she spins 180 degrees or something like those Olympic divers. Does anyone remember if this was true ?? :scratch:

9th Aug 2006, 15:37
I loved the dive roll - wish they would bring it back. It was also much easier to dive in previous tomb raiders - this one is too much hit and miss for me.:mad2:

9th Aug 2006, 19:35
NRNR, yeah that's right. The roll button made Lara do a dive-flip (confirmed) in TR2, TR3 and TR4... I imagine TR5 also but I haven't tried it myself

10th Aug 2006, 01:35
Roll key ! That's also what was missing in TRL. I wish they added that so we don't have to constantly move the camera around to find the enemies we're shooting at. It was especially helpful in immediate turns while Lara's underwater in some levels of previous TR games. I should mention that in 'What do we want in TR8 ?' thread.

Anyway, back on topic, I have the PC edition of TRL and at first, doing the swan dive was hard but eventually, I got the timing right. So I like doing that whenever Lara needs to jump down to a lower platform. :)

Legendary Lara Croft
14th Aug 2006, 20:58
I love diving into the water from the cliff, I think it's the best move in the whole series. I am glad Eidos decided to keep it and hope to see it in the tr 1 remake too :D

5th Sep 2006, 18:16
Not only can you dive but you can do a sweet series of flips ending with a cool axle flip, just hold down the dive key while pressing jump

9th Sep 2006, 20:10
Hold running button (in my case "Arrow UP") and press jump button (in my case "left Alt") and very quick dive button (in my case "F button"). All the time hold running button.






10th Sep 2006, 12:13
I've never been able to do a swan dive. But on an unrelated note....which outfit is that? ^

10th Sep 2006, 14:16
I think it is one Shaq has created or somebody else has.:)

10th Sep 2006, 15:50
Yes this is my own outfit which I created... I submitted this outfit in TPF format according to the page http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr7/modding/submit.html
at 09/05/2006 but no respones was... so I submitted again Yesterday...