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6th Aug 2006, 05:34

I am Matthew and I live in Australia this is both my introduction post aswell as a post with one question.

I just downloaded the demo; and it works fine but my question is have they refined the graphics after it was released? If the demo works fine will the game work fine?

6th Aug 2006, 06:27
It should work fine. Welcome to the boards btw!:)

6th Aug 2006, 06:32
Just to note:

I have a: 2.80Ghz P4 processor
512 RAM
Asus A9250 graphics card (128)

Sophia Leigh
7th Aug 2006, 23:19
Hi Gamerking, nice to see another Aussie around here :)

8th Aug 2006, 07:26
Welcome to the forum Gamerking :)