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5th Aug 2006, 10:41
I have created a enhanced version of the Tutorial level supplied with the Level Editor. It’s intended to show new builders the standard which they can achieve at their first attempt :)

I'm hoping to encourage them to actually read the TRLE manual and build the tutorial level,before striking out on their own.

Simply by following the manual while building the tut1 level, paying attention to the texturing and then adding a few extra lights & some simple lighting effects, they can build a level to be proud of. Just as importantly they will have gained valuable experience with the level editor. :thumbsup:

The level download includes the new project file which newbies can build.
I have also taken a series of screenshots showing the level . If you have a slow connection please be patient while they are loading.

Tut1 Demo download (www.laras-workshop.co.uk/tut1/tut1_demo.zip)

Screenshots (www.laras-workshop.co.uk/tut1/tut1.htm)

7th Aug 2006, 10:44
looks just the same to me...

7th Aug 2006, 17:33
looks just the same to me...

Then might I suggest you read these threads.




7th Aug 2006, 20:03
Pearls come to mind Peter ;)

7th Aug 2006, 21:17
Pearls come to mind Peter ;)

Yes you've hit the nail on the head George.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, I wonder if it's worth trying to teach any dog new tricks. Why did I bother ?. :mad2: