View Full Version : new LOK Drawings

Guardian OF The Reaver
4th Aug 2006, 21:22
A few of you may Remember, A few months back I posted a picture of elder kain.

Well I've Currently been working on two new pieces, that I'm willing to put upon here. Since I'm really happy with the way there coming along.
these are a proper representation how good an artist i am(not that I consider myself that good anyway.)

so stay stuned and you may be suprised with the out come.

p's UMAH you did say you wanted to see more of my work.:D

Guardian OF The Reaver
22nd Aug 2006, 00:29
So here they are, the fruit of my labours. :D

I'm real happy with em,
you might have a problem with seeing the hair on the coloured version of kain.