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4th Aug 2006, 16:03
could anyone tell me how to escape from the sea serpent?


4th Aug 2006, 16:06

5th Aug 2006, 01:16
awwww.....look at that cutie snake that spits lethal green stuff and tries to know you off your feet with its big dumb head(its sarcastic).Ok i'm really tired to write so read on:Fighting the ugly snake:
Ok, see those pots?and those shiny wheel like thing conected with the cagges??? Well your challage is to shoot those pots which make the snake hypnotized and while the snake is hypnotized you grapple the the leaver which with bring down the hanging cage, which should trigger a cut scene but thats only if you succeed.In the cut scene will show that snake bashed in the head with the cage!It's funny!:lol: so you then need to do that 3 more times.
Things you should know:1)the snake spits green stuff which i call snot.2)the snake tries to knock you off your feet with its huge head.3)Don't even try and swim for you life cuz that will result in the snake picking you up and throwing you back....
Well enjoy!I hope it helps!:)

16th Aug 2006, 21:54
Hi, Bit stuck myself I am in that same cave and I've been down king arthur grave down the rope with the bell. I have removed the loose grave which you can move around, what do you do next????

Many thanks

16th Aug 2006, 23:22
You need to lower the bell so that when you swing the chandelier it will knock the bell. l am sure if you explore a bit more you will work out how to do it, if not use the binoculars to see if anything else is moveable

18th Aug 2006, 01:03
could anyone tell me how to escape from the sea serpent?


Been battling this one for a week or so and just beat it.

It's all gotta be quick. I had a prob with the left grapple point at the back on the bridge, so I did that one first and beat it back into the temple or whatever. It's all timing. Shoot the bell tower when the circle goes red until the serpent looks up at the bell. Then quickly redraw gun and shoot grapple. The bell falls on his head straight away if your timing is right. I did the front left after this and shot back inside. Then the front right (back indoors) finally back right and I still had 1 life left.

I'm a nervous wreck now though.