View Full Version : Can someone please give me the combination for the Iron Armor and SR cheat?

Darth Nextor
3rd Aug 2006, 20:30
It doesn't work at all. They say somewhere about First Person Look, and there is no such thing. Also I would like to know if by changing the controls the Cheat will work.


4th Aug 2006, 20:52
I can't remember what buttons you press, but the instructions are to enter them at the start screen. (With the cool sword pose or the menu, I can't recall.) If you did it right, Kain should say "Go cheese."

You can only start a new game at that point, it won't affect your load files. and you can't deactivate the cheat, just start a new game without it.

Edit: Ya gotta love that Blinc.......
It is possible to enable the Iron Armour and Soul Reaver with cheat codes on all three versions of the game. At the title screen press:
Playstation 2: L1, R1, L2, R2, Square, Circle, Triangle
XBox: White, Black, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, X (Blue), B (Red), Y (Yellow)
PC: Block, Autoface, Dark Gift Menu, Lookaround, Action, Dark Gift, Bloodsuck
(Obviously you must have all of these functions mapped in control options)
Gamecube: Z, R, L, B, X, Y

After successfully entering the code, a sample of Simon Templeman (Kain) yelling "Go cheese!" will play. Note that this code will not enable any other special features, just the Iron Armour and Soul Reaver.