View Full Version : TR Legend on Gamecube.

3rd Aug 2006, 19:34
I heard that TR Legend is gonna be out on the Gamecube and
it made me wonder:

The GC is a non-handheld console like PS2 and Xbox and it would've been
out along with these formats.
So then I wondered:
Could it be that they're adding exclusive GC features to that game?
Just like Capcom released Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 later with
extra stuff.

If what I think is true, then I'm certainly getting it!

3rd Aug 2006, 19:39

3rd Aug 2006, 19:50
I'm not so sure, but they did say something about being excited to work with Nintendo features, so maybe there could be some way of unlocking extras between the games by crossing the GCN to the GBA version, like in Prince Of Persia. Nothing has been said, though, and it's just speculation on my part.

The reason it's coming later is that it wasn't part of SCI initial plans to release it on Gamecube, for some miracle they decided to port it and for that I'm glad and happy.

But I do hope we (the GCN version) get the PSP outfits and some more, too, but I'll be happy with whatever I get.