View Full Version : Problem with Thief "The Dark Project"

The Dark Master
2nd Aug 2006, 20:03
I just bought the PC game Thief The Dark Project. On the front of the disc cover, it says it is XP compatible. When I went to play the game, after installing it.... I would get started, but soon after it would freeze up. I tried several times to start over but with the same result. Here are some of the things I have done to try to solve this problem:

1) Update the DirectX driver
2) Un-Install and Re-Install the game
3) Tried to emulate windows 95 and 98
A) When I did this, it would act like it will start the game, but the screen would go blank everytime right before proceeding to the opening.
4) Called tech-support (they said to update DirectX driver (which I had already done))

Any information to helping me fix this problem would be appreciated. My son and I would like to play the game, but it does not look possible at the moment.

2nd Aug 2006, 21:25
Read the FAQ at the top of the page. If you have a DUAL CORE processor, you will need to tweak it abit.

Do a "Search this forum" for DUAL CORE.

And your system specifications (I have a XYZ CPU, a ZZY Graphics card...) are always the place to start your questions when you post, and exactly what happened and what you were doing when it happened.