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1st Aug 2006, 04:53
Hi guys, long time no see :)

I'm playing Legend again and I'm stuck in Ghana. I don't remember having a problem here before :scratch:

I've just entered the temple and killed all the guards. I'm now trying to swing by rope to the pole on the second water wheel that isn't turning. I seem to be overswinging the first pole or something :confused: and I keep falling to the ground and have to go all the way back to the first working wheel and start over and I'm really getting tired of it :mad2: I've tried climbing up the rope a bit AND a lot and then swinging...nope. I've tried jumping earlier AND later...nope. I'm then supposed to swing to the next pole on the wheel and then the ladder. At this rate I'll be here forever.

Hope somebody knows the part I'm talking about because I haven't seen anyone else have this problem :o Like I said I never had this problem here the first time I played. Mind you I played the easy game and now I'm trying the most difficult. Would that matter? I thought that only affected enemies and such. I know it's just a matter of trial and error but I'm losing patience with the errors :nut: Do I climb up a bit, a lot or jump earlier or whaaaaat???

Thanks in advance.

1st Aug 2006, 05:01
Jump to the rope swing and jump to the pole, do not leave your finger on the button as it is not a long jump (or l do not remeber it being one) If that does not work and you are playing on PC or XBox 360 try turning of the extra graphics features

1st Aug 2006, 05:30
Thanks aussie. I did it. This time I jumped from the swinging raft to the rope instead of jumping from the swinging raft to the ledge and then to the rope :nut: From the raft I grabbed the rope at the proper position I guess. I just swung and jumped and grabbed as I normally do. I figured it was something simple :rolleyes: