View Full Version : E3, As We Know It, Is Gone

Lara Croft Online
1st Aug 2006, 02:25
E3, As We Know It, Is Gone

The annual event moves from "mega-show" to a small, intimate summer affair.
for a week of electronic entertainment frenzy. The annual Electronic
For twelve years now, gaming professionals and geeks alike have gathered
Entertainment Expo has hosted giants and small players alike as companies
present their latest game titles and hardware to media, retailers, and
colleagues. The event crammed the Los Angeles Convention Center with
blazing lights, blaring speakers, bustling crowds, and endless activity --
before spilling into flashy press conferences and notoriously decadent after-hours parties.
Now, E3 as we've known it is a thing of the past.
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1st Aug 2006, 04:43
I thought it was just an announcement to put pressure on the E3 and nothing has really been decided yet.

However, if they succeed, we still have the German Games Convention (http://www.gamesconvention.de/) to take over. ;)