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31st Jul 2006, 22:13
I'm Stuck in Peru where the boxes and the big ball is on the ledge can somebody help????:scratch:

Sophia Leigh
31st Jul 2006, 23:36
I'm sorry, I'm not sure exactly where abouts in Peru you mean but I'm guessing you mean this bit:

Drop into the hole to trigger an interactive cut scene ("Demon of the Past"). A monster like something out of Miyazaki grabs Kent and then comes after Lara. This sequence is a bit different from the other interactive cut scenes in the game. As soon as you regain control of Lara, you need to press the correct controls to run forward, vault over the low wall, and then run off the next ledge into the pit beyond. The actual controls differ for each system (PC, PS2, Xbox), but they are the same ones you'd normally use to run forward and jump. You don't need to grab the rope, just drop into the pit and the monster will leap over Lara's head.

NOTE: In the Xbox 360 version of the game, it's possible for Lara to get stuck inside one of the crates after this cut scene. Since you have no guns, she can't shoot her way out, so you're stuck. To avoid this, do not try and jump for the rope. Just run forward into the pit and Lara will be safe. (Thanks to Stephanie for this tip.)

After the cut scene, you hear the chime for CHECKPOINT 11 and Lara is standing in a room with two dangling ropes and another decrepit spear trap. Climb onto the ledge in the corner and push the stone sphere down onto the pressure pad that triggers the trap. It may just roll onto the pad; if not, climb down and give it another push, then climb back onto the ledge. Jump to grab the next ledge closer to the trap. Amanda appears at the barred door. She runs off as the monster chases her along the passage. Jump to grab the spear you just extended by triggering the trap. Swing around it and jump to grab the rope. Swing on the rope and jump to the ledge ahead. This is CHECKPOINT 12. There's a bronze reward (6/8) just to the right.

1st Aug 2006, 03:59
Well.....you could try this:
go to the stone ball where ever it is then roll it to the pressure pad and the a arrow thingo will pop up,you then climb on the ledge where the ball would have origially been(you might wanna use flares to see every thing clearly)then jump to the other ledge and from there do a running jump to the rope,swing to the other side and vola! you are ready to continue!
Was that some help?