View Full Version : Stuck in Peru at the rope - HELP!!!

Ensign Suder
31st Jul 2006, 04:21
I have the PC version of the game, and I'm in the flashback sequence in Peru. I've gotten to the part where there's a guy trapped behind bars and a bunch of spears sticking out of the walls. I've moved the big stone ball out of the way and jumped up on one of the ledges and have made innumerable attempts to jump and catch the rope to swing up but for some reason, Laura doesn't seem to realize a rope is hanging there. I've noticed that the rope is blue instead of brown - like I thought a rope should be. Does that mean its too dark for Laura to see the rope? I've lit several flares to brighten up the place but it doesn't seem to help.

Does anyone have any ideas on what's wrong?

Also, how do you turn on her flashlight?


31st Jul 2006, 07:09
In the flashback Lara dosen't have her Flashlight, so you have to use flares to lighten things up. Try lyning Lara up with the rope and then jumping. Post a Reply if you get stuck again. :D

Hope this Helps,


31st Jul 2006, 15:12
Also try holding down the jump button - this makes her jump futher than simple tapping it. Should be no big deal, she should grab the rope even if you'd miss it by a few inches.

Ensign Suder
1st Aug 2006, 00:44
Well, today I tried the rope trick and she grabbed on the first try. I didn't have any flares lit, and I swear I can't tell what was different, but it worked. Thanks fo rthe help.