View Full Version : Lara's secret gymnastic lunacy

30th Jul 2006, 12:01
Dudes, try this, I only found it out by accident.

Run in a straight line, keep pressing the jump button really fast and see what happens!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Just this second found out, you can add the crouch button to the equation too, switch between crouch and jump and all kinds of stuff starts going down!.. I'm gonna see if there's any more...

UPDATE, YAY!!! You can keep pressing crouch when running too to create a similar sort of thing... I'll keep looking


(apologies if posted before)

30th Jul 2006, 13:57
If you keep switching between crouch and jump you may keep flipping for as long as you can hold the chain. :D

Also in the middle of these if you push the analogue down as you press crouch she'll perform a cartwheel and will still do the flips as long as you keep pressing the buttons. :)

1st Aug 2006, 03:04
I know!!What is up with Lara jumping around like a crazy gymnist?!LOL
and you can also try the following:keep pressing the crouch/roll button and watch as Lara goes crazy with gymnastics and also if you do that in the manor you hear Zip and Alister say something funny like" Sometimes she really does scare me!":lol: :lmao:

1st Aug 2006, 20:53
Alister and Zip will comment occasionally, regardless of the level you're playing. ;) (even in Ghana, when Amanda breaks in and Lara loses contact with them.)

"Ouch, that looked painful."

David 070
2nd Aug 2006, 01:23
i love just flipping around!!

its soo fun!!:D

18th Aug 2006, 15:56
Tip: You can use those moves to lay enemies low! Also, it's kinda tricky, but if you roll, press down while rolling, and then keep tapping roll, you'll cartwheel and then back handspring forwards! Enjoy! ;)

18th Aug 2006, 17:19
Yeah, I discovered those gymnastic moves too a while back and tried dodging enemy fire which seems to work if the timing's correct. :)