View Full Version : Blood Omen 1 HELP I'm stuck.

30th Jul 2006, 07:03
oh crap.

i missed some of the strengthening pools...like all of them URG...
im in those ice caves where you meet mobius/oracle for the first time and i cant move the two little grey boulders out of the way to get out and the door is locked behind me. am i fauked and have to start over?
its the 2 boulders right before the save point on the left. im saved at the previous one before the video sequence and the door is locked behind me and theres no batflight icons, the ones in mobius little museum room dont work for some reason.

31st Jul 2006, 01:53
If you use the Sanctuary spell, you'll go back to the beginning area and then be able to explore Nosgoth again for the blood pools. I can't remember exactly where they are, so you'll just have to explore, which should be fun itself (except for those damn loading times!). After that, you should be able to go back to the Oracle's cave and continue.

31st Jul 2006, 03:18
thank you ever so much. LOL i cant believe i am so dumb.
i appreciate that.

5th Aug 2006, 18:11
hehe. The first time I played Bo1 almost 10 years ago I was stuck too because I didn`t know I had to drink from those pools.
I thought it only replenished your blood and I didn`t know it gave extra strenght so I decided to save them for later.

Earlier on as you might have noticed u have to walk through the water in one of the villages because the bridge is blocked by stones lol. Later after Moebius it`s a more serious problem. I can`t remember exactly how I managed to continue there, maybe I sneaked through by walking in a diagonal way. If you do that u can just "push" yourself through the stones heh.

I did panick a bit when I was stuck there because the game is so overwhelming when u play it for the first time, I thought I missed all kinds of abilities and such... After playing the game for like 7 times it kind of lost the overwhelming "there is still so much to find" feel :P

Irmok the Mad
27th May 2007, 01:52
I think the spiked mace can break the stones you mention. I may be wrong though. It's been almost ten years since I played BO1.